Traditional climbing is how rock climbing originated into the sport that we have today! Trad climbing is similar to sport climbing in that both are styles of lead climbing, except that with trad climbing you usually do not use any fixed gear. This means that as you are climbing you are placing gear (cams, nuts/stoppers, hexes etc) in cracks and holes in the rock that you will clip your rope to for protection instead of bolts. Obviously, the techniques and skills necessary for safe trad climbing are much more complicated and advanced than that of sport climbing, requiring a lot of learning and observation before you are able to confidently lead on trad. Often, many big wall multi pitch climbs are only able to be climbed traditionally, as bolting big walls is a huge project involving large amounts of time, labor, and money. This is a comprehensive course that will teach you everything you need to know to safely lead on trad. You will be learning about the theory and application of gear used for protection, how to create solid anchors without using bolts, and important rope management skills.  Please note that this is a course for experienced lead climbers, requiring an initial assessment session before beginning the actual course.


Cost: 300 JD per person

Duration: 6 half to full day sessions (depending on location) after initial assessment

For scheduling and other questions call our office at 0795438708.