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How we came to be


How we came to be

“The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain, he is inspired by it.”
-William Arthur Ward


How We Came To Be !

Tropical Desert is the story of a bunch of people that love nature, love what it has to offer, and love the effect it has on people.

Our founder and owner came to love the outdoors through the northern hills and valleys of Jordan and his brothers' guidance. 
In 2006 we took a group of nature ignorant people into our beloved wadi Hasa. when we realized the impact and amount of joy it gave them we said to ourselves, "Hey, this is a great opportunity to start something that both fosters awareness and respect for the nature of Jordan and makes us a little money!" 

Shortly after, we started exploring, developing, and equipping climbs, hikes, and canyons all over the country. Pioneering the business and the practice, we developed internationally recognized standards , equipment and safety practices in Jordan. We also acquired international sponsors, various first aid certificates and courses, and created our own curriculum of fauna, flora,  geology, and other guiding material with our own rigorous tests and exams. This lead to the development of the national curriculum of the Jordanian Mountaineering Federation with the help of many partners. 

Now we are partners with UNESCO, the French Alpine School, FIVE TEN, The Ministry of Tourism, the RSCN and many other entities, with numerous articles in both national and international magazines! 

We love what we do! Both in the wild and in the office, our joy is complete when we can impart that feeling to our clients and friends! 







“I just love any place that I can sit in the sun and feel the warmth of the sun’s rays, and feel the connection to the planet, really tapping into how small I am and really how insignificant I am in comparison to the universe.”
-Dean Potter


Our team are committed, seasoned mountaineers devoted to Jordan's nature. Speaking seven languages, we follow the French Canyoning School curriculum and are equipped with the wilderness and Red Cross first aid certificates. And using International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA) certified equipment, we still make plenty of room for insane fun.

Check out the team below.


Mahmoud Alkhatatbeh | Marketing Officer,Canyon Guide & Rock climbing guide. (bandora)

Tropical Desert Marketing and Sales Officer,Undergraduate at Amman Al Ahliyya University, Canyon & Climbing guide, Sport Climber.

Aboud Hijazy | Gear Expert ,Canyon Guide & Rock Climbing Instructor

Tropical Desert Gear Expert Manager Bachelor´s Degree in Management University of Applied Sciences Professional Canyon & Climbing guide, sport Climber, Slack-liner.



Anees Maani | Eco and Nature Advisor; Trekking Guide

Tropical Desert Natural and Eco Advisor Founder of go2petra.com Member of Book Field Guide to Jordan authors,Trekking guide  , trad Climber. 


Ayman Saqfelhet | Hotels and Marketing Contact Manager Canyon Guide

Tropical Desert Marketing and Hotels Contact Manager Bachelor’s Degree Management & Banking Yarmouk University Rescue Diver Certificated Canyon guide, sport Climber.


Basel Naouri | 
Hiking guide

Tropical Desert University Sales Department Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture German University of Jordan Hiking guide, sport Climber.




Carlos Abellanosa | Technical Consultant

Tropical Desert Technical Consultant Bachelor´s Degree Marketing & Advertising University of Autonama De Madrid Experienced Speleologist Experienced Canyoning Instructor, Scuba Diver and Paragliding.  


Heba Ali | Operations Manager

Tropical Desert Operations Manager Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages University of Jordan Open

Scuba Diver Certificated.



Ibrahim Khalil | Southern Locations Advisor Canyon Guide.

Tropical Desert Southern Locations Advisor Ex-special forces troop,  Canyon guide , sport Climber.  


Murad Arslan | Operators Liaison , Trekking Guide

Intermediate Degree in English Language & Culture Balqa Applied University Licensed tour guide, Trekking guide.

Rami El-Kaisi | Financial Advisor, Canyon Guide.

Tropical Desert Financial Manager Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Advanced Diver Certificated Climbed 5 summits of Europe Experienced Alpinist, Canyon guide.



Sufian Al Said | NGO Liaison, Canyon Guide and rock climbing instructor

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Balqa Applied University, Climbing & Canyoning guide, Sport climber.







Ala'a Mukran

 Assistant canyon guide



Safa Muhi | Rock Climbing Instructor

Bachelor’s Degree in IT Jordan University Slack-liner, Climbing guide, Rock Climber. 


Yaseen Khirfan | Canyon Guide

Bachelor's degree in Business Management from JerashAhlieh University.  Canyon guide


Mark  Rafferty

Canyon guide

Samer Arar | Canyon Guide

Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry St. Peters burg University, Canyon guide.




Ahmad Atiyat | Canyon Guide

Industrial Rope Access expert.  Canyon guide


Mohammad Zyout

Bachelor's degree in Banking and Financial Science, Zarqa University.

Wilderness survival course

Skydiving course

Canyon guide

Tyler Myers

AMGA Single Pitch Climbing Instructor

Canyon Guide