Irbid Khirbet Dur Mursul

17 bolted so far.

This village has been discovered recently, which why it does not have many references. However, its construction goes back to pre-Greek period. This ancient village contains a water deposit in the middle, a stone mill, and has a strong defensive wall facing the West Bank, with the view of Um Qais and Arab Dam in the east. This cliff has a fun style of climbing unique to the area. The place is on top of a strong sedimentary limestone cliff that creates many overhangs with big holds, making hard looking climbs relatively easy, yet pumpy. 


Drive from Irbid to Ghor (west) using the Shuneh road after passing Qum & Qumem and Hagrah after the second traffic light you pass under a bridge. 3 miles down the curvy road on the right is the old road to Wadi Al-Araba, indicated by a blue sign. Follow the road and its curves until you reach a left turn in the middle of a curve angling to the left. Take this turn and you should pass an old fenced in oil dig site on your right within a minute or so and not long after that an uphill stretch of road riddled with potholes. A couple miles farther there will be archeological sites on the left of the road in a tree filled area next to a hill. If you have a small car park it there where the road widens to allow easy parking and walk the small dirt road on your left that winds around the hill. The cliffs will be on your right. If you have a big/durable car feel free to drive it along this road with caution right to the base of the cliff near the cave.

Route Grade Height Bolted by Notes  
Irbid15a15mHakim TamimiSlab 
Luna6a15mHakim TamimiOverhang 
Bubu6a8mHakim TamimiOverhang 
Mallagat6a+8mHakim TamimiOverhang 
6in4c12mHakim TamimiVertical 
Ru75c10mHakim TamimiVertical 
Sweedish Experience5b+10mHakim TamimiVertical 
Thanx Hashmis6a10mHakim TamimiSlightly overhang 
Sahel Jaied6b+12mHakim & WilfriedOverhang 
Aabata6c15mHakim & WilfriedOverhang 
Yelaan Rooof7a15mHakim TamimiOverhangNot ready
A Corce man in Jordan6c+16mWilfried ColonaOverhang 
Jardane's huny5c+20m Hakim TamimiOverhangHead problem
Ta3jet ragab 15m OverhangNot ready
Shakhet bumeh5c20mHakim TamimiOverhang 
Beit el bumeh6a20mHakim TamimiOverhang 
Mowzeh4c15mHakim TamimiTraverse